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India growth forecast lowered; No sympathy — IMF chief to Greeks; Private space run makes history; A cry for quiet in the office; Myths, realities and India; Renesas may cut 14,000 jobs

1 Economists cut India growth forecasts (The Financial Times) Goldman Sachs and Bank of America Merrill Lynch became the latest global banks to downgrade India’s economic growth outlook on Friday, in a sign that the sharp slowdown affecting Asia’s third-largest … Continue reading

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Gamechanger case for software biz; Solar industry shares dive 75%; IMF’s credit-crunch warning; Why is it always Mr Khan?; Cow belt or buffalo nation?

1 Game-changer case for software biz (San Francisco Chronicle) The legal showdown between Silicon Valley giants Oracle and Google could test the very boundaries of copyright protections for software and rewrite the rules for much of the industry. In a … Continue reading

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Who’s bailed out in Greek bailout?; Greece adopts austerity package; Facebook and fatwas; NRI who dresses Mrs Obama; Sixty years of Queen Elizabeth II

1 Who’s being bailed out in the Greece bailout? (BBC) It’s called the Greek “bailout” or the “Greek rescue package”. But, who, exactly, is now being rescued? Is it the Greeks? Or is it international investors – and the euro? … Continue reading

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2012 to be unreasonably difficult; Smelling a subversion of Indian democracy; The streets of 2012; Cracking the Kerala myth; India’s leadership void

1 Simon Zadek’s warning in The Guardian that 2012 will be unreasonably difficult. The sustainable business circle’s golden rule is to keep one’s chin up, point out the good news, and duck the hard questions by appealing to an unknowable … Continue reading

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Saudi prince picks Twitter stake; When slavery thrived in Rio; China bigger lender to poor countries than World Bank; Third Kim in North Korea

1 The San Francisco Chronicle of Saudi prince Alwaleed picking up a $300m stake in Twitter. Twitter received a $300 million investment from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal as it pushes through a redesign of its site to attract advertisers. … Continue reading

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