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Downside of Facebook; Malaria myths shattered; India telecom licences annulled; UK recession looms; Indonesia is ‘Fesbuk’ nation; Plastic problems

1 Downside of Facebook (San Francisco Chronicle) In its eagerly awaited initial public offering filing, Facebook said its annual revenue last year totaled $3.7 billion as profits hit $1 billion. About 845 million people around the world check into the … Continue reading

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2012 to be unreasonably difficult; Smelling a subversion of Indian democracy; The streets of 2012; Cracking the Kerala myth; India’s leadership void

1 Simon Zadek’s warning in The Guardian that 2012 will be unreasonably difficult. The sustainable business circle’s golden rule is to keep one’s chin up, point out the good news, and duck the hard questions by appealing to an unknowable … Continue reading

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New forces driving world economic order; Fitch hints at US downgrade; India Dalits fight caste with capitalism; Facebook dreams of being a blue chip

1 The Guardian on new forces driving world economic order – one in which ‘rich’ countries run deficits and ‘poor’ countries accumulate assets. A new economic order is taking shape before our eyes, and it is one that includes accelerated … Continue reading

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